Every Wednesday & Sunday Evening from 8pm

 during lockdown we are running the

Brainbuster Quarantine Quiz

which is completely free to play.

Go to www.facebook.com/brainbusterquiz

and register by 7.50pm by clicking the 'Send Message' button at the top of the page.

You can play along from 8pm by watching the live video feed.

Welcome to the official Brainbuster website.

We have been running quiz nights in venues in Hampshire for over 20 years and have always had good and positive feedback.

Our quiz is compiled from various different reliable sources and always features additional 'fun' rounds such as Family Fortunes, Catchphrase, Blockbusters and many more.

The Brainbuster Quiz still runs within venues across the South Coast and even has its own radio feature.

We also include additional party games with our live quizzes featuring,

Disco Bingo,

Chase The Ace

and our own version of TV favourites

Deal or No Deal and

Play Your Cards Right.


Please feel free to navigate around the site to view everything we have to offer in greater detail and if you have any enquiries please feel free to email admin@brainbuster.co.uk or use the form in the bookings section.

Brainbuster Live!!!



Our Live quiz nights are always fun, we hold residencies across the South, below is a detailed list of where you can find our live shows.

The Master Builder

Swaythling Road, West End, Southampton

Every Sunday Night
Quiz starts at 8pm.
£1 per person
Cash Prize & £30 Meal Voucher for the winning team
Bottle of wine for the Runners Up.

Toby Carvery

Bishopstoke, Eastleigh

Every Wednesday Night
Quiz starts at 8.30pm.
£1 Per Person
Cash Prize for the winning team

Party Games

Play Your Cards Right

We have the giant cards and we have the cash prizes. It's a lot of fun with the classic game of Higher or Lower.

Deal Or No Deal
22 identical boxes and only 1 question. Big cash prizes can be won with our version of Channel 4's biggest game show.

We bring you the classic game of bingo using the same computer software used in many bingo halls that can be connected to in house screens. Other variations are available including 'Last Man Standing'.

Disco Bingo
Just like regular bingo, except you cross off song titles (when you hear them) instead of numbers. A Lotto Fun!!!!

Open The Box
10 keys, 1 lock. Pick the right key and you could be lucky enough to collect the cash.


Chase The Ace

One suit of cards, how long will it take to find the cheeky Ace??

Quiz Format

The Brainbuster Quiz consists of 3 different sheets, they are
1. Main Answer Sheet
2. Bonus Sheet
3. Picture Round

Teams will have the length of the quiz to work on the Bonus Sheet & Picture Round.

Main Answer Sheet
The quiz is split into 2 halves,

First Half
24 Questions split into various different categories


At this point the teams will be asked to swap answer sheets and they will then mark each others papers. Once the answers have been revealed and the marking is over, the papers should then be returned to the teams they belong to. This is followed by,

The Half Time Teaser (one of the following games against the clock)

Who's Closest
1 Question = 5 points to the team that is closest to the correct answer within 45 seconds.

Countdown Conundrum
9 Letters, 30 seconds to solve the mystery word. 10 Points to the first team to solve it, 9 Points to the second, 8 Points for the third etc.

Fastest Finger First (based on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire)
1 Question with 4 answers, just put the answers in the correct order. 


All answer papers should now be handed to the quizmaster who will award the points to the successful team(s).


Second Half
14 more Questions about anything and everything
followed by

The Music Round.

10 songs, 1 point for the song title & 1 point for the artist. 

Boom Or Bust
5 Questions, 2 ponts for each correct answer.
​if you get just one wrong you get NOTHING!!

At this point the teams will be asked to swap answer sheets again and they will then mark each others papers. Once the answers have been revealed and the marking is over the papers should then be returned to the teams they belong to.


Full Time Teaser

Exactly the same as the previous Half Time Teaser.
Teaser with a Twist

This is where the teams can gamble some, none or all of their final points on the last question.

Once the sheets are in, the results can be revealed.

Please note that some sections may occasionally change but the format will remain the same.

Bonus Sheet & Picture Round
The Bonus Sheet is a fun page containing 5 rounds that vary each time, they can inclues categories such as
Catchphrase, Anagrams, Spellbound, Dead or Alive, True or False, Our Survey Said and many many more.
The bonus sheet will make up to 20 points of your final score.

The Picture Round is a straight forward sheet, just identify the object or person in the images, sometimes the images will have questions for you to answer to make it a little bit more challenging. The picture round can make up between 15-20 points of your final quiz score.


If you would like to book  Brainbuster Live! for your venue, please complete the form. Somebody will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our rates for a live quiz are very reasonable and we will provide all the items required for a successful event, including,


Professional Quiz Host
PA System
Answer Papers
Posters & Online Presence (Facebook, Twitter etc)


Discounts are available for multiple bookings (residencies).
Availability is within a 50 mile radius of Southampton City Centre.

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